Hunting Canada Goose, Spring Snow Geese & Mallard Ducks in Wyoming and Nebraska!

We all hope everyone had a successful 2017-18 hunting season. We sure did, hunting both Wyoming and Nebraska for Canada Goose, Spring Snow Goose and Mallard Ducks. The first push of the migration came in fast, strong and even early last season- the first week of November.

We wanted to send an update and let you know what’s going on with Maximum Waterfowling- we look forward to hearing back and years of a continued relationship with you.

We pride ourselves with excellent customer satisfaction and are most proud of the number of happy and returning hunters we get and sincerely appreciate your support. We can also report 96% of our hunters limited out on each hunt last season.

Best Waterfowl In Wyoming and Nebraska

We also pride ourselves on our landowner relationships- key for our business to work, making us the best waterfowl in Wyoming and Nebraska. Having been born and raised and hunting and leasing fields here for 30 years, we have the experience and history of understanding the bird’s habits. We’ve been able to keep birds in our area, even during the coldest snaps, by installing 12 ice eaters throughout our leases that have ponds.

We are currently firming up our current properties (21) as well as adding a handful more, both geese and mallard field and river blinds, that we’re super excited about. Since we only hunt 2 groups per day and typically hunt a property for one day and let it rest for as long as 7 days, we’re making sure you’re getting into fresh and undisturbed birds. We also set out our decoys each morning and pick them up after the hunt, so our fields don’t get stale and the birds decoy shy. We always appreciate your help with the pick up!

We are adding a licensed bird cleaning and processing service this season as well as upgrading our website by allowing credit card payments and a live schedule so you can see available dates while planning your hunt at home on your own computer.

Upland Hunting in the Future

We’re considering partnering with a local pheasant club to allow you the option of some upland game shooting after you limit out in the morning. Stay tuned as we develop that concept and let us know if you’re interested in more information.

We’re also expanding our spring snow goose operations- look for more information about that as well.

We are starting to fill up for this season and encourage all of you to book your hunts soon. We offer a 5% discount on all hunts booked and deposit received by September 1 to help with our cash flow.

We look forward to hearing back from you and happy to answer any questions you might have.

Let’s shoot some birds, be safe and have some fun!

Gary Kirchhefer 307-575- 3105