What Our Clients Are Saying

Great hunt. Great company. Gary and Cole are the hardest working guys I know!

Brent T.

I have been hunting with Gary for nearly 20 years now and he and his organization are first class 100%. I hunt and have hunted waterfowl all over North America and Gary is the best. Thank you Gary. If you want to be put on the geese do not even think of looking anywhere else! There is absolutely no comparison!!!

Sterling L.

Best time ever. Thank you Gary. You worked your butt off to get us our birds, that were right in our face. Can’t wait to come back and hunt again. I have been hunting with you for 20 years and every time gets better.

Rick G.

I have hunted with Gary off and on since 1998. Not a guy out there that works his tail off more than Gary to get you birds. Superb hunting.

Ryan W.

Amazing job. I’ve never seen anyone work birds the way this guy does. Nothing short of professional. I think Gary might be part goose. Thank you so much.

J.C. S.

Awesome hunting. Great properties and pits. No one will work harder to get you birds

Doug M.

Best hunt you will ever have is with this company!

Janell K.