Hunting Snow Goose In Wyoming

At Maximum Waterfowling, we offer what we feel is a World Class caliber Wyoming spring snow goose hunting operation. We are located in the very NE corner of the state near the Platte River. Most of our snow geese come from the Springer Reservoir Refuge which can hold between 50,000 – 150,000 snow geese on any given day. We have 3 decoy spreads set up at all times, with heated pits on private leased fields, one of which is within 200 yards of the refuge. We run a spread of 1,500 full body decoys, our second spread is 2,600 Sillosock decoys and our 3rd spread is a combo water spread with 300 floater decoys and 800 full body decoys. Due to the limited hunting pressure and high quality equipment, we have very high success rates from mid February – mid March each season. With our Wyoming spring snow goose hunts we also have an on-site lodge for our snow goose hunters for $25 / night.

Wyoming Hunts

20$per day, Season 100$
4 Geese per day Bag Limit, 12 possession