Canada Goose Hunts

From: $300.00



$103/2 day, $130/season
5 Geese per day bag limit, 15 possession
6 Ducks per day


$20 per day, $100/season
4 Geese per day bag limit, 12 possession
6 Ducks per day

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Hunting Canada Goose In Wyoming and Nebraska

Hunt the best Canada Goose in Wyoming and Nebraska. With our guide service we make sure you get the best hunt of the year. We want you to tell your friends about our guided goose hunts. Most of our hunts are done in the cold weather. That is why we make sure all of our blinds are heated.  It will be $300 a person. You’ll be able to stay in town for a discount or you can rent our trailer at $50 per person with a minimum of 4 people.

Guided Goose Hunting

Our guides have been doing this for years. At Maximum Waterfowling we have a dozen pit blinds in various locations for hunting Canada Geese in Wyoming and  on the boarder of Nebraska. We continuously are moving pits to always be on top of the birds! We don’t want you to see spooked geese. Our pits are spacious and heated so you will be warm with comfortable shooting! We host a large population of geese year round from Greater Canada geese, Lessor Canada Geese, Cackling geese and even Speckled Bellied geese and Snows! Book your hunt today.

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