While we all **think** we’d like to own our own beloved hunting grounds, it makes more sense to go on affordable Nebraska guided goose hunts with the guys from Maximum Waterfowling than it does to actually lease or purchase land along the Nebraska-Wyoming border.

Hunting waterfowl, it’s all about location! You’ve got to go where the waterfowl go in order to harvest the birds. Therefore, if you were to purchase land, you’d want to be sure it was in a major flyway complete with natural water spots. Some of these areas can be quite remote, far removed from the infrastructure we’re used to, like hotels, restaurants and residential homes. Purchasing hunting grounds also requires a person to figure out where they’d sleep at night– a trailer, a cabin, or a house maybe? Running utilities to these accommodations can get expensive. Indeed, the whole prospect of buying land to hunt on can really make a dent in the old bank account. Don’t get us started on paying taxes!

Imagine if you bought land because you thought there would be plenty of birds to hunt, only to find out they, for whatever reason, decided to spend their time elsewhere. How frustrating would that be? Or perhaps you bought land and developed an impoundment or flooded fields for ducks but it took years for them to find it? Do you have the patience for that?

Nebraska guided goose hunts are best left to the places where the guides from Maximum Waterfowling know the birds are at a given time. By going on Nebraska guided goose hunts, you get the best of the waterfowl world complete with the help of passionate experts who keep abreast of prime spots at all times. Therefore, you go where the birds are, on lands the guides have legal access to, and all together it’s a good experience. That’s what you want, rather than having the headache (and large expense) of leasing or buying your own land to hunt.

Are you ready for an affordable, convenient and memorable hunting trip in Nebraska? Call Maximum Waterfowling at 307-575-3105 to book your Nebraska guided goose hunts today.