If you’ve been thinking about going on a Nebraska guided duck hunt, you should definitely consider booking with Maximum Waterfowling, a company that has been actively guiding waterfowl hunts for more than 25 years!

Hunting the heart of the Midwest, Maximum Waterfowling offers the kind of Nebraska guided duck hunt which makes for a memorable trip. Goose pits and blinds have been built by hand in order to create the right amount of concealment while still providing you– the hunter– with the right amount of comfort and space.

Your Nebraska guided duck hunt might actually involve hunting in nearby Wyoming, since Maximum Waterfowling has smartly acquired prime hunting locations in places like Fort Laramie and the Hawk Springs Reservoir in Goshen County, Wyoming. Of course, depending on where the waterfowl are at the time of your hunt, you might be hunting in Bridgeport, Nebraska. Maximum Waterfowling generally hunts along the border between Nebraska and Wyoming.

In order to find and get the waterfowl you’re looking for, it helps to know that Gary and Cole Kirchhefer can and will take you on your Nebraska guided duck hunt. Gary grew up in southeast Wyoming and knows the land like the back of his hand. Even as a teenager Gary hunted whenever he could, and around the age of 17 he conducted his first guided hunt. That hunt proved to be so successful that it turned into Gary’s business– Maximum Waterfowling. With a strong work ethic, Gary built the business up over the past couple decades and now he’s well known for taking people on their Nebraska guided duck hunt of a lifetime!

Most people appreciate when a father and son work together, and with Gary, he’s lucky to have his own son, Cole, as his right hand man on hunts. Together, the father-son team share a diehard passion for the business (and fun) of hunting ducks. For instance, Cole thinks nothing of getting up in the middle of the night to move pit blinds and set new spreads for the day’s hunt. That’s just part of who he is– passionate, like his father, about waterfowl hunts.

Call and book your Nebraska guided duck hunt today– 307-575-3105.