Looking for a Nebraska goose hunting guide? Look no further– Maximum Waterfowling’s father-son team of Gary and Cole Kirchhefer are experts. Either one can be your Nebraska goose hunting guide along the border of Nebraska and Wyoming, and if you’re lucky you’ll get to hang out with both of them. They’re passionate about hunting waterfowl and can help you become a better hunter after you’ve spent some quality time together on the land.

In the old days, hunters generally just used one shotgun for, well, everything– shooting deer, turkey, rabbits, ducks, you name it… These days, however, there are specialty firearms available, so much so that it seems like there is a gun for every single thing you can think of shooting, from a quail gun to a deer gun and then some, right?

If you’re going to spend some time with a Nebraska goose hunting guide from Maximum Waterfowling, you’re probably wondering what gun to bring for your hunt. With shooting waterfowl, your gun should be built to handle steel shot, for starters. Next, consider pellet size– double-B or triple-B works well on geese. If you’ve got a 3-inch, 12-gauge shell, that’s pretty much the ideal size for shooting geese these days. Gas-operated shotguns tend to be more popular for waterfowlers though pump guns are still used, too. Finally, if you have a choice between a shiny gun and a dull-finish one, go with the duller of the two since that eliminates light reflection that’d otherwise be spotted by the very waterfowl you’re trying to shoot!

For those who know firearms, have you considered the Remington SP-10? The 10 gauge weighs about 10 pounds and the shell holds as many big pellets as the 3½ inch 12 gauge– but the weight of the 10 gauge makes it even more comfortable to shoot with heavy loads compared to 12-gauges. For a goose gun, it’s a great choice.

Experienced hunters have their favorites, while newcomers might not know too much about guns used in goose hunting, and that’s alright. You’re welcome to call Maximum Waterfowling at 307-575-3105 and ask questions about gun selection. Your Nebraska goose hunting guide will be able to give you specific recommendations so you’ll come prepared for your hunt along the Nebraska-Wyoming border where waterfowl are plentiful.