Hunting Wyoming and Nebraska for Waterfowl

With over 21+ properties in both states, Maximum Waterfowling proudly offers the best hunting. 30 years of experience means we make sure the birds keep coming. We are situated in the flight patterns of Mallard Ducks, Spring Snow Geese, and Canada Geese. The setting ensures that our hunters will be able to fill their tags. And because the weather can vary during the season, all of our blinds are heated.

Guided Mallard Duck & Goose Hunting

Wyoming and Nebraska offer a multitude of large rivers that are home to ducks and geese in the winter. Maximum Waterfowling is attentive at making sure to never hunt in the same spot two days in a row. Hunters never have to worry about hunting pressured ducks. We also move our decoy spreads daily to ensure that the birds don’t become decoy shy. Our team is here to bring you a wonderful experience. Book with Maximum Waterfowling today!

50% Deposit holds your dates. All deposits are nonrefundable.

We guide hunts for goose and duck in Wyoming and Nebraska

Canada Goose Hunting in Nebraska & Wyoming

Maximum Waterfowling is all about you having fun, and what’s more fun than watching a bunch of geese fall out of the sky? We hunt the borders of Wyoming and Nebraska for big Canada geese, Lesser Canadas, Cackling Geese and Speckled Bellied Geese and Snows. Our guide service will rotate hunters through the blinds to assure everyone in the blind is getting shots and having fun.

50% Deposit holds your dates. All deposits are nonrefundable

Spring Snow Goose

For the last 30 years, our hunts are concentrated on Spring Snow Geese in the areas of Wyoming and Nebraska. Hunts are conducted on private land with heated blinds for hunters’ comfort. Goose decoys are cleaned every night and blinds are shifted every day to make your hunting experience a memorable one. Our guides at Maximum Waterfowling do not disappoint. Book your hunt today.

50% Deposit holds your dates. All deposits are nonrefundable.